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Is TU FICO higher than EQ FICO?

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Is TU FICO higher than EQ FICO?


Am refinancing my car and need a TU FICO of 700 to get approved for this new promotion at a local CU.


I monitor my EQ FICO score directly through Equifax bureau. MyFico is not able to provide me with any credit score and there's a long story behind it. I don't wanna go in those details.


Now I desperately want to know my TU FICO. Unfortunately, TU bureau doesn't provide that directly. My question is, in general, is the TU FICO higher than EQ FICO? If I'm at 696 on Equifax, would I be more than 700 on TU? Would really appreciate any comments!

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Re: Is TU FICO higher than EQ FICO?

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