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Lates removed from EX/TU but not from EQ. Dispute/Wait?

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Lates removed from EX/TU but not from EQ. Dispute/Wait?


I apologize if it was covered somewhere else, but I spent a few days reading this forum and couldn't find answer to my question.

I am working on improving my credit score so about 5 weeks ago I disputed alleged late payments (four, all 30-day variety) with Experian through their web site. I visited the site periodically and would see the number of "bad" accounts drop from 3 (two lates were with same CCC)->2->1->0. Finally, on Sept. 11 I got the notice from EX that the investigation was complete and they cleared my payment history.

To see what my FICO scores look like, I got the SO kit (w/ 20% discount, of course!) and this is what my scores look like on Sept. 16:

EX - 673 (no lates)
TU - 654 (1 late remained on the account which had 2 late payments)
EQ - 635 (all 4 lates remained)

Question: Should I wait some time for TU and, especially, EQ to get updated information? Or should I just dispute right now? I am probably going to ask TU/EQ to correct some other info, so I am thinking that I might as well dispute the lates.

Any advice?

P.S. FYI, my scores are primarily affected by high utilization (family circumstances), age of history (nothing I can do, lol), and the late payments I mentioned.
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Re: Lates removed from EX/TU but not from EQ. Dispute/Wait?

If EX removed the I am sure that EQ and TU will.

I almost always run disputes at the same time.

A dispute to one CRA does not automatically start a dispute with the other 2.

Sometimes a creditor will update all 3.
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