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Length of Credit in Green in Feb, Red in Mar?

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Length of Credit in Green in Feb, Red in Mar?

I checked my FICO score in Feb 2013, and then checked it again in Mar 2013. My score went up 7 points, however, the length of credit history went from being in the green to being in the negative factors. I don't see how that's possible. The length is showing the same amount of time, 12yrs1mo and 12yrs2mo, respectively, so a change in length is not responsible. When I look at the explanation it says something to the effect that "the top 1% of FICO top performers have an average length of 14 yrs." Obviously, I am not a top performer, but last month it showed me as green and now it's red. I'm confused! Anyone else experienced this and have an answer to why the analyzation tool is inconsistent?

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Re: Length of Credit in Green in Feb, Red in Mar?

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Your score is going up & it seems like you likely have a decently high score overall. I personally think FICO plugs in anything under those 'what's helping/hurting your score' things, if there's no one factor that is significantly helping or hurting your score. On my report from yesterday it has 'high credit usage' as a factor hurting my score & 'low credit usage' as a factor helping my score.
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