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Less obvious reason for a VS 3.0 +16?

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Re: Less obvious reason for a VS 3.0 +16?

Another interesting data point I thought I'd add here.  Upon viewing my weekly CK update this morning I received another +16 to my Equifax score (so that's +32 over 2 weeks).  While the first +16 can't be explained, the second +16 can.  The 90 date late that was being discussed earlier in this thread that's about 2 years old was removed from my EQ report (yesterday was the updated information report date) where it wasn't removed from TU... Yet... hopefully "yet" Smiley Happy


So a new data point is that a roughly 2 year old 90 day late remove = +16 points on EQ with VS 3.0 for my profile.

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