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Lost all my credit score info Equifax

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Lost all my credit score info Equifax

This is messed up. I've been workign very hard at getting my score up it was 477 on 11/30/08 and now it's 521 as of March 18th. I have quite a few baddies that I'm cleaning up. On from my Credit Union that was not to be on there and should never have been on there. I worked with them on the phoen and they said I have NOTHING on my credit report. Okay fine... so I ran it today and I got a message that said I have no score, no credit file from Equifax. Now keep in mind I just pulled it on 3/18 and had 521 score. I'm 31 and have had lots of car payments and loans on it... very strange. So I called Equifax and talked to customer service... they had me on the 22 minutes and all they could find was the file that the credit union had. NOTHING. Anyone ever hear of this.. it's like I've totally disappeared........
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Re: Lost all my credit score info Equifax

Did you dispute a bunch of stuff? What were they? Do you subscribe to a credit monitoring service and frequently pull your reports?
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