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Low 700s and I can't get credit?!?!


Low 700s and I can't get credit?!?!

Hi everyone!  I'm a bit perplexed here. My credit reports from all three bureaus fall between 716-725.  I discovered this in September of this year when I decided to start being more aware of my credit.  


My initial reaction to this was complete surprise.  I went through bankruptcy in 2006, I have an unpaid collection I've been carrying since 2007, and a public record (small claims court judgement) from 2009.  How the heck is my credit in the 700s at all? It's hard to believe.


Furthermore, in September, armed with this new knowledge that my credit score is much higher than I expected, I called and applied for a credit increase on my Chase card that has a limit of $1,700.  I was rejected... **bleep**?!?!?


If my credit score is truly in the 700s, why was I rejected for a limit increase? I've paid my bills ontime for years. Now I'm left truly wondering if my reports are accurately depicting my real credit score. I'd love to apply (and receive) a card that would provide me the ability to earn miles, points, cash back, etc. but now I'm worried about pinging my credit and getting rejected.


Any help/insight is much appreciated.



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Re: Low 700s and I can't get credit?!?!

I guess the obvious question is "Where did you get that score from"?  There are a ton of FAKOs out there, and they can be over 200 points off your actual FICO score.

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Re: Low 700s and I can't get credit?!?!

I purchased my credit reports from this site (myfico...see attached).  


I purchased my Experian credit report at which I believe to be a true FICO score?


My CreditKarma TransUnion score is 665 (see attached) and I understand this is my "FAKO" score.


Long story short, I know I've got legit credit reports and that's why I'm really confused.

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Re: Low 700s and I can't get credit?!?!

The Experian score you received is a FAKO, they don't sell their FICO scores at all anymore, unfortunately.


Scores are only one part of the equation; as you posted (like me) you have some sins from the past: those sometimes can affect underwriting far more than the FICO scores, which sounds like it's happening in your case.   A BK 6ish years ago isn't trivial in the eyes of underwriters, whereas a 700-725 FICO while solid, isn't top tier and most people can get to that point after 5ish years of good history if not sooner almost regardless of what their past issues were.


Also income and possibly other things (length of employment history, etc) may come into play when it comes to gaining an approval, but the bankruptcy is quite likely the issue in your case.

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Re: Low 700s and I can't get credit?!?!

Thanks Revelate. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there's anything I can do about it then except to wait :-(

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Re: Low 700s and I can't get credit?!?!

Obviously the BK bears quite a bit of weight, but I'm wondering what your Utilization situation is, especially on that Chase card.

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Re: Low 700s and I can't get credit?!?!

Chase may be the issue As well. Other lenders may be will to give you a CLI. Chase can be quirky with the Freedom and Slate cards. Usually a hard pull, and not reliably an increase. sometimes they use the Vantage scores, sometimes FICO. 

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