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Moving in the right direction!!!!

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Moving in the right direction!!!!

I've been a myFICO forum addict for a few weeks now and it has been great feeling like I'm a part of someone else's journey to better credit, mortgage, auto loan, or new credit card. I FINALLY felt like I had made enough progress with the knowledge that I have gotten on here that I wanted to get my actual FICO score. No more FAKOs. When I first checked my scores with Equifax(using their FAKO score) it was bleak. EQ 534 Smiley Embarassed EX 589 TU 557. I even was using CK, QUIZZLE, CREDIT SESAME to try to get some kind of idea of where I was. But there was a glimmer of hope when I checked my FICO Wal-Mart score and it was a 659. Well today, I am happy with the gains that I have made and how much my score and I have grown. My true FICO scores are TU 673Smiley Surprised EQ 631 ( a little low but I worked hard to get here.) So I just wanted to share my mini accomplishment so that someone else who may feel bleak about their score can see with a few changes and some great information wonderful things can begin to happen. So, if my scores are trending the way I think they might then my TU score is my middle score and I will soon be shopping for a house. Thanks to everyone for all of your input, opinions, advice, and knowledge. It has been a great help, not just to the OP but to all of us looking to improve.

Starting Score: 557 EQ 3/6/13
Current Score: 699 TU Wal-Mart 5/13/13
Goal Score: 700

Lender Pull 4-12-13 EQ 631 TU 679 EX 681
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CapOne Visa, CapOne MC, OrchBank, BoA Platinum Visa, First Premier, Belk, JCPenney, Wal-Mart, Fingerhut
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Re: Moving in the right direction!!!!

Congrats on your progress thus far, keep up the good work. Smiley Happy

Starting Score: EQ 717 EX 724 TU 736
Current Score: EQ 832 EX 783 TU 816
App free since 9/15/15
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Re: Moving in the right direction!!!!

Congrats, it takes time. Remember, "Nothing of any value comes easily."

Starting scores 01/02/2012 EQ 707(Fico) TU 733(Fico)XP 735 (FAKO)
Updated scores 05/01/17 EQ 824, TU 812 EXP 810 (all Fico scores) Remember the Three P's: Pay early in Full, Pay on Time, Patience
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Re: Moving in the right direction!!!!


Starting Score: 548
Current Score: EX686EQ682,TU???
Goal Score: 760

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