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My Experian just increased 17 points this month

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Re: My Experian just increased 17 points this month

Hello and congratulations on your score increase!  I've recently raised my score, too, by making a significant pay down on my revolving accounts.  One thing, however, that I think you should know is that closing your unused revolving accounts can actually lower your score since doing so will lower your overall available credit to balance ratio.  I read this somewhere on the MyFico website as well as on other websites providing credit tips. 
Continue with the paydowns and you will soon be in the 700+ score range.  I know this from experience.  One year ago my fico score was 585 and today it is 718 (a huge leap from "poor" to "good").  My goal is to get my score to 750 and watch it climb from there.  I am a student and would like to take out a private student loan in about a year at a decent interest rate.  At the rate things are going, I will surely see my dream become a reality!
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Re: My Experian just increased 17 points this month

Good job... But one thing, stop closing accounts! Doing so will hurt your score instead of help it! By closing your accounts you are shortening the gap between your balances and your available credit. Keep them open. Creditors enjoy extending credit to people who aren't maxed out. Having only 1 or 2 forms of credit is a sign that you probably aren't a good candidate for more credit.
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