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Old - 30 days late payments

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Old - 30 days late payments

I have 3 accounts that i was past due 30 days .. 1 was last April 2006 (i've been current since and account is still open) and the other is January 2006 (i've also been current then and account is still open), and the 3rd one was last Janaury 2005 (account is already closed). How does these old lates negatively impact my current score?
I am current on everything right now and these are the only ones that are negatively showing on my report.
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Re: Old - 30 days late payments

Late payments less than two years old will have a greater negative affect on your scores. Beyond two years, the negative affects lessen as time goes by. I recommend you read the credit scoring 101 thread and write GW (goodwill) letters to try and remove these lates. Here are the links.
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