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One 90 day late payment.

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One 90 day late payment.

I just checked my credit score an am at a 684


I had an account with amazon where I purchased 1 mp3 for about 99 cents.


I forgot about the account, and didn't pay it for about 6 months.


By then I had late fees up to about $100.


I don't know what my score was before that, but is it true it will probaby take 3 - 7 years for my credit to recover from this????




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Re: One 90 day late payment.

Even if it were a collection for $1 or $10,000, the damage is equal. It'll impact your credit for as long as it reports within is up to 7 years from the date of first delinquency of the debt (when the purchase was made). 


If you paid it, mail a GW letter asking if they wouldn't mind deleting. Some do.

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