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Ouch! How long until you recover from a rebucket

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Ouch! How long until you recover from a rebucket

My mortgage FINALLY reported a couple of days ago (I closed August 2012!).  My score too a 40 point dive, down to 660.  I suppose I'm in a rebucket phase, so how long until I can recover?  


I'm in the garden for the rest of the year, as I don't anticipate needing any more credit (I bought a new car December 2012, as well as a string of new credit cards) for a good while.  I was going to go for the AMEX BCP and Chase Sapphire this fall, but I'm going to wait until next year so my 18 inquiries (!!) clear up.  I may have to wait 2 full years.


I hate to see my score so low after hitting the 700 club.  But I guess it's better than the 480 I had in 2011...

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Re: Ouch! How long until you recover from a rebucket

Sorry to hear!!


I can't imagine having a mortgage!!


All you can do is garden now.... give it a year and you'll be over 700 in my estimation :-) probably even six months....


Good luck and congrats on your home :-)

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Re: Ouch! How long until you recover from a rebucket

I'm moving this to Understanding FICO scoring, as someone there may have more info on rebucketing. Good luck, and may your score rebound quickly.

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Re: Ouch! How long until you recover from a rebucket

Im unsure if you were rebucketed.


Mortgage hit your credit reports take a ding


INQ for mortgage take a ding


Numerous applications (INQ's) for CC's take a ding


Get CC's take a ding


INQ for auto loan take a ding


Get auto loan take a ding


So with that scenario losing 40 points really isnt a bad deal.


Your scores will rebound as time goes on. I would think since your gardening your scores should be back up to where they were before all the applications and new accounts by years end, and possibly increase. Just make sure you make your payments on time.

Good Luck
May all your dreams and wishes become a reality!
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Re: Ouch! How long until you recover from a rebucket

+1 JM-AM.   Your scores will rebound fairly quickly.  These positive TLs will allow it to go up where it was and beyond.  Just takes a bit of time.

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Re: Ouch! How long until you recover from a rebucket

I added two new auto loans and one credit card last year. I lost about 25 points each on TU and EQ.

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