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Pulled EX Out Of Boredom

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Pulled EX Out Of Boredom

My score tanked last month from 705 down to 692 so I figured I would peek after all my lines reported for January. To my surprise my score was 707. Two differences I see are a 13 month car inquiry dropped off leaving with 7 less than one year old. I also let 3 credit cards and my car loan report out of a total of 8 total accounts. So 4 reported balances out of 8 with a shade under 2% utilization. Last month I let 1 credit card report along with the car loan and utilization just under 1%. I passed the one year anniversary of opening my Barclays card and am on the bubble with my Chase Penfed and Navy cards. I wonder how much the score rise had to do with the total number of accounts reporting balances versus the possible aging of a few new accounts to 6 months old. I don't imagine there is that much difference between 7 and 8 inquiries with a report having 34 accounts. I don't mind paying the $12.76 when I see the scores go up. Smiley Wink
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Re: Pulled EX Out Of Boredom

nice sf..............I am afraid to pull mine. I maxed out a 10k card during the holidays. I am expecting a biiiiig dive.
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