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Question about Score Reverse Engineering

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Re: Question about Score Reverse Engineering

Hey Robert, probably not the best idea to post your email address.  Just ask people to PM you if they are interested.
Good on ya for trying to reverse engineer FICO, but I think it's not a linear formula that can be plotted on an Excel spreadsheet. As dog explains, the algorithm is based on an inter-relationship of factors.
Bartender, bring another round of FICOtinis please!

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Re: Question about Score Reverse Engineering

Yeah, Mas,I agree. 
But I have no problem with posting my email.  My efforts are not intended to reverse engineer all of the intracacies of the mysterious FICO algorithm, only to show the relative effects of each, and their interaction.  For short-term projections, I feel that my efforts are much more useful than the limited fico sim currently available, which restricts projections to only the effect of a limted number or factors, and does not take into account the result of one category on another..  Check my work out and give me feedback.  Its just a start, but more than is currently available.
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