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Score dropped 7pts, no change - was i "rebucketed?"


Score dropped 7pts, no change - was i "rebucketed?"


My report is actually looking better from a week ago, but today I received an alert that showed my score dropped 7 pts - looked everywhere and no difference. If anything, it's looking better with credit history age, etc.


What's rebucketing?

Starting Score: EQ 542, TU 503, EX 580 (all lender pulled 06/07/11)
Current Score: EQ 649, TU 722, EX 654 (pulled Dec 2013)
Goal Score: 700 club for all 3 agencies!

CapOne$750/FP$400/Matrix$300/VS$500/Walmart$500/BestBuy$1K/KayJeweler$2K (last app 12/16/13)
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Re: Score dropped 7pts, no change - was i "rebucketed?"

Do you have collections, CO's of 90+ day lates?  If so, probably not rebucketed.


Rebucketing is where you are moved from on scorecard (bucket) that has history, say less than one year to one that has others in the same 1 - 5 year age group.  Or from a group of one with collections to another group that has no collections.

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