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Score impact of going from 89% util to <10%


Re: Score impact of going from 89% util to <10%

Crossing that 30% threshold resulted in a fairly large score jump.  We will be crossing the 30% boundary as soon as the report from the CU hits the CRAs ... your boost gives me hope for my mortgage app.

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Re: Score impact of going from 89% util to <10%

ptr2593 wrote:

Only now reading this thread but it's incredible how quickly your TU/EQ went up just by lowering your UTL.


That would be only part of the story.  As his accounts aged his AAoA would increase.  His inquires would also begin dropping off.  The increase in score is due to multiple factors not just the reduction in utilization.  I don't remember the baddies but if there were a few of those, they also would have aged and possbily fallen off the calculations.

But no doubt, pay off the cards had a huge impact on the overall score!


Doh!  I thought the time line of the post was over a span of 1 year.  I reread and it was a timespane of only 1 month!  So yes almost all of the increase is due to paying things off.

Starting Score: 732 October 2007; Current Score: EQ 835; TU 863, April 2018; Oldest Reporting EQ Account: 16.3 years; EQ AAoA: 8.2 years; Typical credit utilization 1.8% typical single card utilization 10.6%
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