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Secure Tradeline impact on FICO Scores

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Re: Secure Tradeline impact on FICO Scores

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If he insists on unsecured, get him a few First Premiers and Credit Ones and tell him it's Capital One.

Aaaand we all know that is the last option that he should consider. I know I would much rather have a secured Disco or Cap1 that an unsecured Premier First or CreditOne. He can afford the $200 for the better cards.

I was just playing, I would never recommend going the predatory route, there are always better options, like the secured route. Get a few secures that are known to graduate easily, an SSL if he has no other installment, then sit on them until score reaches 700 (750 for Brian).

Now you tell me! 

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Re: Secure Tradeline impact on FICO Scores

CapOne will issue cards to individuals with low credit scores.  The card will have a low limit, say $500.  If you follow the 'steps' CapOne provides they will raise the SL after 6 months.


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