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Sharing all of my 28 FICO scores

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Re: Sharing all of my 28 FICO scores

@BrutalBodyShots wrote:

Completely off topic here, but I got an email tonight that my monthly membership from MF was cancelled, couldn't be processed and that a refund was going to my CC.  Clearly it was processed (or by definition there wouldn't be anything to cancel) as evidenced by the fact that I started this thread with all of the provided scores.  The membership is definitely deleted, though, as I cannot see any of the scores and there's no archived information for me to access.  I'm glad I started this thread, as it's a written record of my scores on that date since I hadn't recorded them any other way.  I guess I got the cheapest 28 score pull in history?



Huh!?  They cancelled your MF subscription?  Any idea why?  That is very concerning...



Year 2012: All Scores in the 520 range, during a foreclosure, CC Settlement and high UTIL. Very ugly days...
Feb 2019: EX8: 850; EQ8: 850; TU8: 814 -- Thank you very much to this community!!
In My Wallet: Discover $73.7K; Cap1 Venture $36.7K; Amex ED $38K; Amex Optima $12.5K; Amex Delta Gold $18K; Citi Costco $13.5K; Cap1 Plat $8.4K; Barclay $7K; BoA Plat $21.6K; Citi TY Pref $18K; US Bank $4K; Dell $5K; Care Credit $6.5K. Total Revolving CL: $263K
My UTIL: Less than 1% - Only allow about $10 a month to report, on one account. .
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Re: Sharing all of my 28 FICO scores

No clue, but I'm going to go with my default go-to cause for any issues I ever have... my suffix.  Uncle B knows about this well if he's reading... perhaps the suffix has struck again! 


It was my suffix indirectly that prevented me from starting this thread many months sooner.  Citi couldn't get my card to report due to the suffix on my name and actually had to drop the suffix off on their end in order to change that.  Frustrating stuff that I've been dealing with my entire adult life and one of the biggest reasons as silly as it may sound as to why I didn't name my son after me, much to the displeasure of my father.

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Re: Sharing all of my 28 FICO scores

@BrutalBodyShots wrote:

EW800, thanks for sharing all of your scores and data.


It seems clear to me that age of accounts factors here when looking at my scores verses yours and TT's (which are pretty close when looking at AoOA and AAoA) are probably the biggest difference.  It would be cool to know the breakpoints though.  Do we have any forum members with AoOA and AAoA factors somewhere in between ours?  I'm thinking someone with a 10-12 year AAoA and a 20-25 year AoOA.  I'm curious if someone with those age of accounts factors would land closer to my scores or yours/TTs. 

For comparison purposes it would be useful to get 3B data sets from others such as Dinosaur and IV. 

Fico 8: .......EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
Fico 9: .......EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
Fico 4 .....:. EQ 809 TU 823 EX 830 EX Fico 98: 842
VS 3.0:...... EQ 835 TU 835 EX 835
Fico 8 BC:. EQ 892 TU 900 EX 900
CBIS: ........EQ LN Auto 940 EQ LN Home 870 TU Auto 902 TU Home 950
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Re: Sharing all of my 28 FICO scores

For sure.  The more data sets the better.

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