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Short history and amount of new credit...

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Re: Short history and amount of new credit...

Excellent post Tusc! Please do post that very same thing again, the next time a similar question is asked. Best news I've read in a week. Smiley Happy (I was perusing the older messages and thankfully I found it)
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Re: Short history and amount of new credit...

fused wrote:
It should be easy! I just copied and pasted. Be careful though. After you paste, anything in color and underlined must be deleted and retyped otherwise other will be able to click on this info and see your personal info.

Nope, just tried. Hate to be such a broken record, but I think this is yet another Firefox issue. Firefox don't do no stinkin' graphics on FICO forums.
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Re: Short history and amount of new credit...

Could someone list the details of their credit history that makes the following FICO score ingredients show up as "Great" please?

* Amount of Debt
* Length of Credit History
* Amount of New Credit

I wish to know what types of setups the system regards the above ingredients as great.

Briefly outline your TLs and scores.
For Amount of Debt, please list total util and util for each account respectively.
For Length of Credit History, please list both oldest and average age.
For Amount of New Credit, please provide the chronology of the newly acquired TLs and their respective stats.

If we get enough data together from enough people, we might be able to infer some revelations about the formula. For those that are bent on getting their scores as high as possible, this could provide an interesting and subtle insight.

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