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Should I Cancel paid off credit cards?

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Re: Should I Cancel paid off credit cards?

Sasha wrote:
Hey! I have one last question and I promise to leave you alone afterSmiley Tongue
I'm wanted to do my banking with a new bank that have no to little charge for atm's , checks etc...
Would that hurt my score to change your Bank?

You can be surprised! As standard I tell the banking reps that open my account "Never do an inquiry, No permission." Normally banks won't want to anyway. If you tell them not to just to be on the safe side they can't. Fidelity Federal pulled a hard inquiry when I opened my checking account. That was evil. I currently have it disputed and am waiting for results. That was the only time I've ever seen this happen, but I make it a point to tell them not to pull it now just in case.
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