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Should I have my Cap 1 added?

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Should I have my Cap 1 added?

Hello All,
Just a quick question. My credit score is in the 700-720's (which is nothing to shake a stick at) Smiley Happy. I have a Cap 1 card I got many, many years ago. This account activity has never been reported to any of the CB's. Do you think it would help or hurt my score if I contacted Cap 1 and had the account info added to my credit reports? 
Two points to keep in mind before you answer:
I carry a good sized balance on that card since it isn't reported, (not to mention the interest rate is only 6%).
If I had this card added it would be the longest held account on my report (over 10 years).
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Should I have my Cap 1 added?

The down side to having the cap 1 added is they do no report cl's, thus hurting your utl. Couple that with the high balance you are carrying on the card. I would lean to the no.
I have read a few posts, that mention cap 1 is "planning" to report cl, in that case, you would benifit by the utl and history, if you keep your overall balances at the magic number of 1-9%.
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