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Shucks I guess I got re-bucketed

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Shucks I guess I got re-bucketed

My Paid Lien fell off today, dropped from 674-661. Did I get rebucketed immediatly?

I have two unpaid collections and a CO from Cap1 from 6 1/2 years ago DV'd and OC'd them today. Hoping that *if* rebucketed once they fall off from the DV (or age, one falls off in June, one in August, one in December) score will rise significantly.

Also coming up;

Amex AU (38 year history)

Two new CC's (Hooters/HSBC), hoping paying them for 6 months combined with at least two CA drop offs will shoot me over 700.
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Re: Shucks I guess I got re-bucketed

Congratulations, and welcome to the "no public records" bucket!
Just a guess, but that's what it sounds like to me.  On the bright side, the score drop from rebucketing is usually temporary and opens the door to higher scores in the future.
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Re: Shucks I guess I got re-bucketed

nycc, lol, I just replied to your other post about rebucketing, before reading this. The good thing about being rebucketed is that you get the opportunity for your score to rise higher than it would've ever risen with the baddie on your report.
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