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So you pay your car loan in full ...

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Re: So you pay your car loan in full ...

What I'm not understanding though TT is that don't all of your accounts have recent payment information?  I think you have 6 CCs; do you use them all, or do you have some in the SD?  I guess my point here is that if all of your accounts (revolvers, mortgage by default, etc) have recent payment information, I don't get where that reason statement is coming from.  I know all it takes is for 1 event to generate a negative reason statement, like 1 inquiry can cause "too many inquiries" or 1 reported balance can be "too many balances" so do you have 1 account (or more) with no recent payment information and if so, how long has that account gone in that state? 

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Re: So you pay your car loan in full ...

Curious.  What would one expect of a FICO gain/loss going from 75% util auto loan to paid off

with no other installment loans?

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Re: So you pay your car loan in full ...

I'd ballpark it around 15 points give or take.  If you were at < 8.9% utilization, you'd be experiencing around a 30 point gain to your score, so you'd expect to lose that full amount when the loan reports closed.  At 75% utilization though, perhaps you were experiencing only around half of the boost points, so I'd estimate your loss would be roughly half when the loan reports closed.

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