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Spouse using my credit card

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Spouse using my credit card

I read it is good to have activity on a credit card for credit purposes. My wife currently does not use here own credit cards but uses a card in her name on my account. Does that count as her activity and would help her credit score or should she be using her own?

Thanks in advance ?

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Re: Spouse using my credit card

Why isn't she using her cards but yours?  you came to this board so you're looking for real opinions. if my wife started only using my cards that would throw up a red flag and we would be having a discussion now. We've always kept open communication so I'm not scared to ask her anything and vice versa. Also, what my dad has and is going through will never happen to me. 


it counts towards usage on your card and helps you both since youre both on the card.  There is the potential that if she stops using her card for x amount of days/months they will close the account and that will affect her. I see no issue with her using your card but she should also use hers.  Good luck sir!

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Re: Spouse using my credit card

if shes a authorized user it would count . if its not a joint account then your the primary one responsible in case of default. you would probally need have a friendly reminder about due date and closing date as not to use cards around those times. if she pulls up her credit report and see you account on hers than thats another discussion but it would help her to get her own card

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