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TU Phone Disputes - Pros and Cons

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TU Phone Disputes - Pros and Cons

This morning I called TU to dispute a few items on mine and my wife's CR's.  In general I feel TU is probably one of the easiest to dispute with.  Here is my list of TU's pros and cons:
1) Easy to navigate phone system (only 1-2 steps to get an agent).
2) Quick response - got an agent within 3 minutes or less each time.
3) The agents are generally pretty friendly.
1) Agents sometimes speak to quickly or not understandable (call center is in India...).
2) The agents are quick to "pigeon-hole" your dispute into a certain (sometimes innaccurate) category; when another category would be more suitable.
So far, my experience with them has been favorable with the exception of one item which they investigated under an inaccurate category and I had to dispute it again.
Their website dispute process, by the way, is also not bad.
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Re: TU Phone Disputes - Pros and Cons

tu seems to be easy to dispute over the phone. i have had 100% sucsess.5 baddies removed.
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