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TU for BoA card higher than myFICO

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TU for BoA card higher than myFICO

Hey y'all!


I'm kinda new here and I've been reading A LOT about how credit scores are calculated!


myFICO TransUnion score on June 20th was 690.


I applied for BOA Cash Rewards card on July 1st and I was approved!!!  It said my TransUnion score was 717!!!!


This is the first time I've ever seen my score above 700!!


I guess my question is, from what I've been reading, there are different models used.  I assume that Bank of America uses a different model than myFICO?


And do any of you gurus here know which one they might use?  I'm really excited to see that my score was higher than I thought.

Starting Score: 690
Current Score: myFICO: EX 773, EQ 773, TU 788
Goal Score: 800

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Re: TU for BoA card higher than myFICO

Congrats on hitting the 700 club ! You're right that BoA pulled a different TU score ~ they might have used either TU04 or TU08. The TU score sold here at myFICO is TU98, an older version. Also they might have used a bankcard enhanced score rather than a classic FICO score.
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Re: TU for BoA card higher than myFICO

From what I have seen BoA uses FICO 04.  What is here is TU98.  If it is from EX it is 08.

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