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Terrible but fascinating (to me) datapoint 60D late at 2+ years

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Terrible but fascinating (to me) datapoint 60D late at 2+ years

With everything going on I completely forgot I had a 60D late ticking over the 2 year mark on Transunion.  And actually I think it was 2 years, I suppose it could've been 4/1/20 too, like I said bad data but this is too interesting not to post.


TU 8 is up some at a 776, CK VS 3.0 is literally up 40 this morning to 827, but the truly interesting one is TU FICO 4.  It looks like I'm a little down on TU FICO 4 but bad data as I didn't pull a report in the last few months with this damned mortgage process but this one is really weird.  For reference, FICO 8 is still complaining about the late as the only reason code they give me and it's there in the tradeline data so it didn't wander away, but...


I'm just going to post the reason codes as I think we can clearly see where some of the "lates don't count after XX period" came about in our urban legends, maybe not so urban legend after all albeit I suspect it's somewhere under the top 4.  Oddly no inquiry complaint there either so I probably have #5 and #6.


  • You opened a new credit account relatively recently. 
  • You have not established a long revolving and/or open-ended account credit history. 
  • The remaining balance on your mortgage or non-mortgage installment loans is too high. 
  • You have a short credit history

Those first two?  Top 8 scorecard reason codes to my knowledge, I've never seen them including with 60D lates in the past on anywhere in the derogatory scorecards.  This is TU FICO 4 there's no arguing the reason codes these came from the bureau directly unlike the horrific FICO 8 Classic mangling that happens.  A rebucketing occurred, but where I wound up scorecard wise I don't know as the late doesn't even appear there.  Actually the third one too I think is top 8 for FICO 4, another interesting thing is there was disaparity between SJ and I on our installment utilization movement, I got zero on EQ/TU FICO 04 models in a known dirty scorecard (tax lien / collection + 60D late at the time) but there's the old friend for installment utilization reason code today.


Also interesting, none of the FICO 4 industry options show anything about the late either, but all FICO 8 / FICO 9 scores have the expected front and center:

  1. You have one or more accounts showing missed payments or derogatory indicators.

Also the last 3B I took right before February mortgage app I did have both of these on TU FICO 4:

  • You have a serious delinquency (60 days past due or greater) or derogatory indicator on your credit report.
  • You recently missed a payment or had a derogatory indicator reported on your credit report.


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