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Thick/aged/filthy/high UT = 572 EX FICO8?

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Re: Thick/aged/filthy/high UT = 572 EX FICO8?

Ceased paying yes, plan for next steps no.  I'm not really sure about the student loans, just that there are probably 15 or so on their CR for a total of something like $130k.  I think only one or two of them requires a monthly payment at this time, but I don't ask any questions at this point.  Clearly their view of credit and mine aren't aligned, so I leave the subject alone.

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Re: Thick/aged/filthy/high UT = 572 EX FICO8?

Wait just a minute....are you talking about me?? lol.


Just kidding, I have a similar score with 2 newer paid collections and a 30-day late that is 5 months old. 



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Re: Thick/aged/filthy/high UT = 572 EX FICO8?

It may be their score but really scores are just a snapshot, right? Luckily for them, if those are federal loans, if they move quickly they can't change the result.
If those dates are from January payments on the student loans they could likely get a retroactive forbearance. That would wipe those out and leave the other 3. Even just a 90 day late and a high student loan utilization, around a 750 would still be possible, though. I'm not sure about the effect of collections.
The credit card utilization is a major factor but they've decided to let that go so nothing that can be done about that....
If the student loans are federal they likely have payments far higher than needed. Many people are unaware of Income-driven repayment plans. This would put all of their loans in repayment, for a reduced monthly bill. This would possibly leave money to throw at the credit cards.
It's a shame to see what could possibly be a great file be reduced to such a low score. But I guess it could be a lot (?) worse if they didn't have better framework. I know my student loans saved me after I when I was at my lowest, all cards maxed out. Hoping it will do the same for them later.
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