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To pay off collectors or not

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To pay off collectors or not

If I consistently ask for PFD's and they dont remove, at what point should I just pay it? How much would it effectly my score, would I get a big boost from it? Have you guys been able to get stuff deleted through disputes after paying the collector, and what have your success rates been?

Here are my scores:

Transunion: 448
Equifax: 479
Experian: 498


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Re: To pay off collectors or not

No one knows?
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Re: To pay off collectors or not

In general -paying CA's will update the last reported date -thus making it look more recent, lowering the score.

Sometimes trying to work with the OC can give you success-

The one good thing about paying is it can NOT be sold again-

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Re: To pay off collectors or not

What reasons do they give you for refusing to work with you?

If you are offering to pay the account that's in collection in full, in exchange for deleting the baddie off your cr, I dont understand why they aren't responding in your favor.

Perhaps some details of the accounts in collection will help. How long have they been in collection?

I've had success with PFD's, as many here have.
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