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Too many credit cards??

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Too many credit cards??

I am trying to be on top of my credit but I still haven't gotten the full concept of it. I tried building my credit under my sisters Macy's card and she made me an authorized user. A year later I applied for the chase freedom card and got approved for 500. I haven't used my Macy's card for awhile now and I think it's even expired. I made a mistake being in a rush kohls while buying clothes. I fully intended to pay with my freedom since I gave myself a budget on my debit card of 100, my total was 150 and they said I can get 30 percent off just for applying, I didn't think I'd get accepted but I did for 300. I was like crap they hit my credit when I didn't even realize it till after, it hasn't even been 6 months since I've gotten my freedom card!! I don't know if I should keep the kohls credit card and pay it off whenever I buy something or cancel the card. I really need some advise.
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Re: Too many credit cards??

Well now that you already have your Kohls card, do not cancel it. Pay if off as fast as you can, and every few months charge something small to it and pay it off in full to keep it active. Your doing fine with two cards. I would keep those for awhile and in about 6 months to a year, ask chase if you can get a credit limit increase. After about a year I would apply for another prime card(amex, citi, discover, chase, boa).

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