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Utility Bills on CR??

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Re: Utility Bills on CR??

scramblingin2007 wrote:
*cough* Just want to let y'all know that this is my biggest problem. My local electric company reports to all 3 cra's and they have screwed me big time. For the past 5 months I have been fighting tooth and nail with this company. They have me as 120 late 5 months in a row, totally untrue. Wrote them a gw, no luck, disputed with all 3 cra's 2 times, no luck, still on my reports, comes back verified. Don't know how it was verified because it's not true!

Don't know if you saw it, but I bumped forward an older post of MV's with a link to Congressional testimony about what really happens with verification. Essentially, they send it to a subsidiary, and they say uh-huh, and they send it back. The CRA's know that most people will just give up, so they have no particular reason to do anything at all when you ask for help. Very discouraging!

I have no idea if this would help, but I think I suggested somewhere above in this thread (it's all starting to blur, lol) that you might check with whatever governmental board is supposed to supervise utilities. I know they exist, and they are supposed to oversee public utilities like electricity, water, gas, cable, and telephone. I took a quick look in our local blue pages (government listings) in the phone book and didn't get anywhere, but you might want to call the reference desk at your public library. Those people take it as a personal failure if they can't find an answer for you!
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Re: Utility Bills on CR??

Thank you Hauling, I appreciate your response. I have been losing sleep over this. I lost a little steam over the past few weeks but I will pick myself back up and start the fight all over again. I will dig further into this and I am going to pledge: I will win this fight in 2008!
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Re: Utility Bills on CR??

Didn't mean to cause any debates or confusion.....maybe this will nieces utility co's never reported until she stopped paying...once she became delinquent...they started reporting as such...she is still delinquent, so I can't tell you yet if they will then report positive. 
BTW...I remember a few years back getting a notice in the mail with my gas/elec. bill that they were going to start reporting to CRA's.....I was excited to have another positive TL on my credit report......but, they have never reported...thus, I believe that IF I were to pay late, then sure as heck..I'd be reported as a late pay.Smiley Mad  
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