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Vantage scores

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Re: Vantage scores

Deltadog03 wrote:

I was curious to see the new VantageScore 3.0 in action, so I purchased the report from Experian today....Guess what??  Its NOT the 3.0 they advertise.....its the 2.0 scale system....  pissed....ugggh

I dont see anyone providing that model yet. Maybe it really hasnt gone into affect or maybe consumers cannot purchase it yet.

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Re: Vantage scores

Might have been a super stupid oops, but I thought on that page it talked about 3.0, so I assumed it was. Oh well I guess
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Re: Vantage scores

I believe VantageScore 3.0 isn't even rolling out to lenders until later this spring. No telling when it will be available to consumers. Also, it takes lenders some time to adopt new scores, even if they are very good predictors. They have to evaluate it first then, being conservative, will probably only use it for a fraction of their portfolio until they can see good results.

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