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Very confused about scores

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Very confused about scores

Per the Equifax website, I have the following numerical scores:


(Equifax-804) (TransUnion- 792) (Experian- 804)



(MyFICO- 716)


The 3 agencies state I have great scores. MyFICO says I have a so so score. Where does myFICO get its information in order to create myfico score? Can you register a dispute directly with myfico?



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Re: Very confused about scores



If all 3 scores are from the same services which came from, know that the scores they offer are not FICO scores. They are a non-FICO called an "Equifax Credit Score". These scores run on a different range than FICO and factor in stuff that FICO does not and vice-versa. No lenders use these scores according to

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