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What about the other 2 scores?

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What about the other 2 scores?

Hello! I have seen my experian and transunion scores before and they are higher than equifax but they are not fico scores. I want to know how to find out what my other 2 fico scores are. I was not able to figure this out online today. Thanks for your help!
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Re: What about the other 2 scores?

When you log in, click on "My Purchases" up at the top right. If it doesn't display, click the Products tab over on the top left. If all you have purchased is your EQ, the score screen will show your score for EQ, but ??? for EX and TU. Click on either set of ???, and you will be taken to an order screen. One will be clicked --go ahead and click the other that you want.

Be sure to Google FICO discount code or FICO coupon first. You should be able to find at least a 10% off offer. If you can't, myFICO customer service will give you one. You'll see a place to enter it, and you can take it from there.

Have you played with all the screens on your EQ report yet, including the simulator? TU also has one, but EX doesn't. EX also doesn't have your positives on screen 2, just your negatives. (EX isn't fully in the game on these things.)

If you have ScoreWatch, your EQ scores and reports will stick around for as long as you are a subscriber, but EX and TU will go poof after 30 days, so be sure to print them out. I would love to find a copy of my old EX's and TU's, but oh well.
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