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What's your average age of accounts?


Re: What's your average age of accounts?

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Re: What's your average age of accounts?

@ Roarmeister, I was able to see the AoAA by pulling my CR on MyFico. It breaks down all the info for you. You can also do it yourself by adding the months of your accounts and dividing it by the number of counts, then divide by 12 for the years. I did it this way myself and it was the same as MyFico. You can also do this when you add new accounts to see an estimate of what your new AoAA will look like. Give it a shot....

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Re: What's your average age of accounts?

I computed mine from my own history.  It took a while but I sourced out all my trade lines over the last 30 years!  My numbers are wildly different from Equifax Canada (11 yrs longest and 4yrs 7 mths for AAoA) since they drop off off all closed accounts older than 6 years.  My Equifax AAoA and credit score dropped significantly because 2 closed tradelines dropped off in January a few months after I added 2 new tradelines. I figure I will get a little bounce up once Equifax says my AAoA hits 5 years.


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Re: What's your average age of accounts?

My oldest account is 26 years, but my average age is only 6 years. This must be due to the student loan thing as well. They keep changing hands. My credit cards are all over 6 years. My 5 year car loan will be paid off this year and that is the last thing I applied for.
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