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What type of point drop for this loan

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What type of point drop for this loan

I recently decided to just combine all my debt with my auto loan
Bn rebuilding over a yr it's been frustrating scores dnt go up alot I loose and gain back and forth as I c that's rebuilding
I been reading searching to c what cn accept when the new loan comp.
Closes out my auto loan and my new personal loan reports
Trans 621
Exp 625
Eq 636
Forum has been my success for my rebuilding thanks
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Re: What type of point drop for this loan

So you have opened a personal loan and used that to pay off an auto loan.  Is that right?  When did you do that?


If so, can you tell us.....

*  Did you have any other open loans besides the auto loan?

*  What was the original loan amount for the auto loan?

*  How much did you owe just prior to payoff?


Also, can you confirm that nothing else changed on your reports?  For example, did you use the personal loan to pay down or pay off credit card debt?


PS.  Rather than asking folks to guess what will happen to your score, the better approach is to wait and see.  If you had not already taken action (opened the personal loan, paid off the auto loan, etc.) it would be good to ask, since you'd then have info to help you make decisions.  But it sounds like you have already done the deed, so the simplest move is to wait and see.

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