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When can I except to see my first Fico scores

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When can I except to see my first Fico scores

Dues to life circumstances I haven't had any type of loan or credit card in years. I've recently decided it's time to get back on the credit wagon. I'm starting with a clean slate and have no credit history listed.
To get back on track i opened a fingerhut fresh start account and a Cap 1 secured card account, both opened in Sept.
Should I except to see my fico scores after 6 months of these accounts opening or after 6 months of them reporting.
Also, I've read that it's best to have 3 open accounts. If I absolutely need a 3rd account what would be the easiest/smartest account to open next?
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Re: When can I except to see my first Fico scores

Your score will generate in March
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Re: When can I except to see my first Fico scores

maybe a secured Discover Card for the 3rd. 

Or if you can work with a credit union - get a secured card and a self-secured (I cannot remember the term...went blank) loan.   Basically you get a loan but it's backed with your savings account or something.   Anyway - it reports as an installment loan.     Someone else could explain it better than I can - but should be able to see what I'm talking about.    (I can never remember the name becasue I usually have a car loan or  mortgage reporting for my installment and never had to get one)

Good luck!

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Re: When can I except to see my first Fico scores

Welcome OP. I just want to add that imho I would'nt open any accounts just to open them. Be sure it is something you need and will fit for your situation overall. Just something to keep in mind as you open yourself back into the credit world. Best of luck in your process!

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