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Where are my other points?

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Where are my other points?

I paid off a small card and on myfico it says that my credit score jumped 28 points. But only a 6 point jump was reflected on my credit score. What happened to the other 22 points? Thank you in advance for any help.

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Re: Where are my other points?

Welcome to the forum.

Most of the time score differences are because of one of two issues.


Comparing different score models  .or.

Date the score was generated is not the same.


You can log into two sites with in minutes of another and in the fine print find that the data for making the scores is weeks apart.   You also need to be sure to be comparing apples to apples.   Many places use other score cards (Score 2, or Bankcard 9, and the list is long).


If the score model and data pull date are not the same, the score usually will not be either


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