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Where to check Fico 9 scores

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Where to check Fico 9 scores


I have myfico subscription. I can fico 8 scores, but I am unable to see fico 9 scores. Any idea where to check fico 9 scores? Not only on myfico, if you know any other site, please let me know.



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Re: Where to check Fico 9 scores

Your FICO 9 scores are under "Other Loans".

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Re: Where to check Fico 9 scores

Thank you..

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Re: Where to check Fico 9 scores

If you have a card with FNBO, they offer the FICO 9 score as part of their "customer service". I have had a card with them for over 13 years and they've been great to deal with. However, the FICO 9 score is, in my opinion, just another scoring matrix by which lenders evaluate your ability to pay them back. In my case, I've got over 27 years of credit history, 100% on-time payment history, no derogatory items, zero inquiries, and utilization at about 28% (I took advantage of a few balance transfer offers). My FICO 9 on FNBO is 669 and my FICO 8 is 743. That's a 74 point difference. I'm done "worrying" about my credit score. I know I pay my bills each month and live within my means. None of us has any control over which FICO scoring model a lender is going to use which is kind of frustrating. 

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