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Which FICO score matters the most

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Which FICO score matters the most

In a attempt to learn more about my credit.  Can someone please tell me which FICO score matters the most Transunion or Equifax?  Thanks
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Re: Which FICO score matters the most

Hi, welcome to the forums!

They all three matter --Equifax (EQ), TransUnion (TU), and Experian (EX). Consumers are no longer allowed to buy their Experian FICO scores, as of February 13, 2009.

As to which is more important, it really depends on which reports are pulled by your creditors. Some of it is determined by where you live, and some by lender preference.

If you haven't already, please read Understanding Your FICO ® Score and Credit Scoring 101 (at least the first post.)

These will give you the background knowledge you need to understand what you read here on the forums.
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Re: Which FICO score matters the most

I would also add the since all 3 reports could have different, sometimes import differences, you must check all 3 reports at least once a year.



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Re: Which FICO score matters the most

I would guess that Equifax is probably closer to what you will look like when 08 is avaliable. Just a WAG though.
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Re: Which FICO score matters the most

Theoretically they are all important, but in my real life experience the one that is the lowest is the most important.  Since we can no longer get the Experian score, the lowest between your TU and EQ could be your mid score which would be the one mortgage lenders use and you never know which one different auto and CC lenders will use.  I always assume that my EX is the lowest and work to make sure my TU and EQ are as close as possible.  If my TU and EQ are within 10-20 pts of each other and the info on my CR's from these two CRA's have similar info to my EX CR then I have a better estimation of where my EX score should be.
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Re: Which FICO score matters the most

After having been declined repeatedly the past two years for everything from department store cards, auto financing, visa, mastercard and even secured cards... I have to say that although they all matter.... But Experian matters the most.


It depends on the creditor. Some pull all three, some pull two and a few might even only pull one.. But in my experience, they ALL primarily pull from Experian. (Go figure that EX has my lowest score.) 


My hard inquiry distribution for the last 12 months is as follows:

EX: 14

EQ: 7

TU: 4


My advice: Work on all 3 CBs but focus on EX. 








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TU: 597 FICO


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Re: Which FICO score matters the most

Mine pulls in the last 23 months have been:


EX 1 Amex


EQ 3 CU twice and Auto Loan (Toyota)


TU 1 Lowes (GEMB)



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Re: Which FICO score matters the most

for me personally, EQ has mattered the most.  it has been pulled 3x more than any other report.
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