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bankruptcy discharge

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bankruptcy discharge

A filed for bankruptcy in 1999 and it was discharged in June 2001 - does anyone know when this comes off of your credit report and when it stops affecting your report. That's if it ever does stop affecting your report.


Any input is appreciated.




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Re: bankruptcy discharge

I beleive it is either 7 years or 11 years depending on the chapter 7 or chapter 11. Not sure, I think it is 11 years from discharge date.
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Re: bankruptcy discharge

Hello viafortuna, and welcome to the forums. Please read Credit Scoring 101, if you haven't already.

BK13 is 7 years and BK7 is 10 years from your file date, I believe it to be file date vs discharge date. I will double check this.
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Re: bankruptcy discharge

Hi CG,  BK will come off your CRA's in 10 years after discharge.  The further away (in time) that you get from discharge date, the less impact it has on your scores. My BK discharged in 7/2000 and the scores have gradually come back up.  I expect a big bump up in July next year.  Good luck!   


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Re: bankruptcy discharge

I filed for BK back in Sept 1999, and it is due to drop off my reports in Aug. 2009.
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