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credit monitoring/scores

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Re: credit monitoring/scores

smallfry wrote:

ilovepizza wrote:
I have found reports and scores between 830 to 836 and almost none of them carried balances. However their credit reports showed paid in full each month when there was no activity for all cards with out balances many months at a time. I spent an hour researching this today and ran out of time. If anyone else can find facts please post here. Has anyone seen an EX CR from an 840+? That might help answer this question.

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Don't know if this will cut and paste but you can search the members at CB for insult comic dog and find his EX report with a 835 score.

Yep I have seen this one before. If I am correct 1 cc with bal from Citi and 1 HELOC from Wachovia. 2 accounts with balances.
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Re: credit monitoring/scores

Little or no use of credit. No gaming leaving $2 to report on your cards. Age is a big help. I think most people who have a fair amount of money and credit just use a card or three per month. No balance transfers. Actually no need of credit really but since the man likes to see use charge your monthly bills and coffee and pay in full and early.
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