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installment accounts affectvon credit score

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installment accounts affectvon credit score

I have 2 car loans in my name.the first with an apr of 6.25% , the other at 5.75%.the first one is 18 months old on a 72 month loan (foolish I know).the second is. A year old on a 60 month credit union is offering 1.98% for refi. and I do qualify.just worried about how it will affect my score (782 Myfico equifax).im closing on a home mid may and I dont want to lose a prefered rate on my home.also, do the age of installment accounts factor into your score? Thanx for your time
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Re: installment accounts affectvon credit score

You already have installment accounts factored into your FICO so adding another will not help your mix. In fact a refi would drop your scores most likely, especially if you are closing on a home in May. I'd wait for the close then apply for a refi.

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