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myFICO and Equifax Scores Different?

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myFICO and Equifax Scores Different?

My EQ FICO on here is 646, but I just got a denial letter for a Valero credit card and it says my EQ score is 578. I was really suprised when I saw such a huge difference. Is the EQ score that myFICO provides not the actual EQ score that lenders use? 

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Re: myFICO and Equifax Scores Different?

What were the ranges of the score?  It could have been a proprietary score, or a credit card enhanced score.

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Re: myFICO and Equifax Scores Different?

Most people i've seen that have posted indicated that their Equifax score from myFICO matched perfectly to what the lender pulled.  That was the case of my wife and myself as's the same score.  But those were for mortgages. You're trying to get an auto loan so i'm guessing you got a type of score that shogun is suggesting in the post above.

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