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need some opinions please. thanks

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need some opinions please. thanks

I have been recently on the credit repair trail, not with one of these bs companies, im doing it all myself by disputing, etc. anyway heres the question, my mortgage was being reported with 13 straight months of late payments as high as 180 days late and a foreclosure process started, plus i had 46 inquirys and some other stuff, but the point is my score with all that was 517. OK, now i have corrected the file so it now shows no late payments at all for my mortage, but instead 72 straight months of perfect history, and of course no foreclosure process started, and 30 inquires were also removed, those were the two changes, and my score only went up to 519, how could this be????? i thought getting inquires hurts you so much, but when i got nearly 75% of them deleted only two point increase plus with those mortgage changes,  i mean really whats wrong with this picture. should i expect more changes once it updates at the end of the month or what. thanks everyone
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The bottom line is that the FICO system is rigged. Anythi...

The bottom line is that the FICO system is rigged. Anything negative you do will be held against you for a decade or so, but anything positive you do will be ignored. You are FAR from alone in your experience.

In my credit history, I have less than $1000 in charge-offs. That's it. No repos, no foreclosures, no judgments. A year ago, my credit score was around 580. Since then I have a credit card I pay on time every month; a couple months ago, I got a credit card, which I also pay on time.

Today my score is 575. A year from now, I figure it will be 570 or so, even if I pay all my bills on time. Unless, of course, I'm late on something, in which case they'll probably drop it to 530 or so.

Now I'm sure people will come along and tell me I'm being "negative" and "discouraging," but figures don't lie. And, as Robert A. Heinlein once remarked, if it can be expressed in figures, it's fact, if it can't, it's opinion.
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in a credit-scoring postnuclear Stone Age...
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Where are you getting your scores from.  Are you sure all...

Where are you getting your scores from.  Are you sure all info has been updated? 
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