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new interest rate changed score?

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Re: new interest rate changed score?

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The interest rate referred to in your score change is not an interest on your reports. MyFico lists when your FICO score crosses one of the mortgage FICO interest tiers. It just means that you probably can get a lower interest rate on a home mortgage. Going over 760 is one of those break points. It's a holdover from when MyFico scores were FICO  4 models. Mortgage companies don't use FICO 8 but the software in this site is still linked to the mortgage interest rate FICO tiers.

Interesting, are you sure that still works?  I just passed from 690 to 725 which should've triggered it based on the settings that I just checked but it never alerted me to that.  Was on by default apparently.


Good point though.

In that case I'm waiting for EQ to get with the program.

Possible I broke it with an out of cycle report to see what my installment utilization testing did; wasn't a triggered change in the monitoring solution so it might not have gone through the same path.  When my Sallie balance updates this month maybe will see it then.

I just checked my EQ alert history and there are a few FICO score only changes that had no explanation. Nothing about interest rates however, just blank other than a FICO and direction amount.  You can set EQ to trigger only on a FICO score change for differing home loan lengths and auto rate changes. It's really an odd one. This alert has to be hard wired from EQ like the alerts for all the other settings.


I'm now wondering what media I recall the mortgage interest change notifications in. It wasn't email, I checked that, but it might have been text messages. However it's been over 6 months since my FICO was at or below 760 and  text messages are deleted after about 2 months. 

I have reestablished credit over the last couple years
so my moniker is, well, rather out of date.

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Re: new interest rate changed score?

I'm not sure how to add a screen shot
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