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""FICO 8" vs "FICO 5-4-2 Mortgage" Scores

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Re: ""FICO 8" vs "FICO 5-4-2 Mortgage" Scores

@genemat712 As I said welcome, we are glad to have you here and look forward to dialogue with you. But, in order to keep things orderly and so everyone is able to follow topics and research and find information, we prefer to keep our threads as much on topic as possible.

We welcome your discussion and ideas; we simply ask that you create your own thread when the subject matter is going to stray too far. Thank you though and I look forward to your threads,

(Forgive typos, mobile.)(Everything said is Just IMHO.)
Scores updated DEC'19.

In order to better answer your questions and record your DPs, please provide your profile stats: Any baddies? (clean/dirty), Number of accounts open and closed on CRs (thick/thin), AoOA? (aged/nonaged), AoYR-Age of Youngest Revolver (new accounts/no new accounts)? Open/closed loan on CR?
For example, mine is clean/thick/aged/new accounts, with open loan on record.
If you don't know where you fall, just list whether you have any baddies, your number of open and closed accounts, AoOA, AoYR and whether you have a loan on record.
For utilization questions, list individual and aggregate utilizations, revolving and installment. please.
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