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score varies, transunion 686 - 609

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score varies, transunion 686 - 609

Myfico scorewatch says score is 686.

Purchased 3 bureau score & reports from,this shows experien 686,equifax 686 ,transunion 609.


Is it normal to see such a large varience in the transunion scores? 686 vs. 609 ?


With the current scores I'm seeing I understand that they are not what a lender will see.  Whats the chance of getting a mortgage with 10% down?

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Re: score varies, transunion 686 - 609

The scores from are not FICO scores.


The EQ SW from myFICO is a FICO and if it is 686 that is what the LO will see for that CRA.


As for the variances, even in a FAKO score,  they can be widely different.  Each CRA scores differently.  Is everything the exact same on all reports?


Even a FICO score will vary based on different factors.  Including the fact each CRA has a different way to score. 


For a mortgage they take the middle score so it would depend on what your TU and EX scores from the lender are.  686 is a good score.

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