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what's my real score??


what's my real score??

Just trying to figure out my real score. I'm looking for 640 but I'm not sure where I'm at.  I have the walmart TU fico say 618, EQ premier said my scores were 637, 620, and 633.  I just got denied from Discover.  Discover said my fico score was 598.  They pulled from EQ I believe. 


What is my real score right now?  I do have a few TLs that are marked as disputed (they are chargeoffs, that have been paid) from 5 years ago...  will taking off those marks lower my score?   If I'm only a few points away, theres some hope but if I'm back down at 598.... 

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Re: what's my real score??

The TU FICO from Wal-Mart is the newer TU08 version, and not used by too many folks. The scores from Equifax Premier are all FAKOs called an "Equifax Credit Score". Finally, Discover uses a FICO but it's unknown. Maybe a CC-enhanced FICO? I dunno. Might be worth a review on CK.


What's the real score? All are scores. You mean which are FICOs? The first and last mentioned.


FICO ignores the payment history of OC accounts only while in dispute.

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