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what to expect with credit anniversaries

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what to expect with credit anniversaries



I am hoping for a nice boost to my score in the coming months, because i am at a some year markers.  can someone please tell me if any of these events will help my credit


My bankruptcy just passed 4 years on 12/12

I have a state tax lien that was paid up a year ago this month

i have an auto lease that will pass 2 years in january (its a three year lease, and never late with a payment)

My credit cards will be 4 years old in march and june. always paid up on time


i know that there are specific time periods that help boost the credit.  I am not sure if any/all of these are included. Any help would be most appreciated




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Re: what to expect with credit anniversaries

It's a YMMV. Hard telling. If you really wanted to track it, pull your FICO score on the first of the month. You'll find that your TLs will turn a month older as could your length of history/AAoA. 

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