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Criteria for Community Moderators and Community Leaders

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Administrator Emeritus

Criteria for Community Moderators and Community Leaders

All of our moderators and Community Leaders are volunteers and started out as regular community members. They have been selected by the FICO Forums staff to enforce the community guidelines and help our community members. We take a look at your knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to help out- all traits that make you perfectly suited to be a CL or Moderator! 


Some of the guidelines for being considered for either position are:


  1. Respect and courtesy for other members of the community. This means no name calling, rudeness or meanness.
  2. Abiding by the myFICO community User Guidelines and Terms of Use. This means refraining from engaging in discussions that are specifically not allowed and discussion of illegal activities.
  3. Your ability to report community abuses to the moderation staff by using the “Report Inappropriate Content” feature when you feel that a post violates the community Guidelines.
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